ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

ULC-Listed Monitoring

Trigger Technical Services now performs monitoring of fire alarm systems and operates in full compliance with standards set by ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) which is approved by National Standards. UL is a global independent safety science company that has been operating for over a century and that is dedicated to innovation in safety for products and people in their living and working environments. ULC regularly revises their standards according to the latest safety knowledge, and those standards are then approved by the Standards Council of Canada.

What Difference Does ULC Make?

ULC certified alarm systems have a proven record for better response times and fewer false alarms. This translates to more lives saved and more valuables protected. System standards are regularly updated to reflect cutting edge knowledge, best practices, and the highest quality of safety technology available. For example, ULC certified monitoring now employs various communication channels in the event that telephone or cellular systems are interrupted. Trigger technicians are trained in CAN/ULC-S561 standards, and can install certified alarm systems as well as monitor and maintain those alarms.

In order to become listed, a security company must go through a rigorous certification process, including installing full systems in sites that are thoroughly inspected by a ULC inspector. They must also upgrade all monitoring stations to ensure signals are received properly. ULC regularly audits its listed service providers to verify that the appropriate level of protection is maintained. ULC also ensures that all of its listed security companies have active certification and investigates any issues that are reported among their listed security companies.

Trigger Technical Sevices Provides ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

Trigger Technical Services along with Consolidated monitoring is certified to monitor fire and safety systems in new buildings as well as upgrade existing systems to the most recent standard. The benefits of having a certified alarm system installed extend beyond the peace of mind that comes from having optimum systems in place. ULC certified companies themselves are regularly reviewed and held to maintain outstanding service standards.